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Fruit Ninja - B4x Game

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If you ever wanted to get into game making using b4x then Fruit Ninja is the perfect start for you. You will get a full B4x Game for Desktop/Android/iOS that includes drawing on canvas, sound, score, collision detection and much more...

What is included:

- full B4X Source Code for all Platforms (B4A, B4i, B4J)

- collision detection class (Point collide with Circle, Circle collide with Circle, Point collide with Path)

- B4X Transition (an updated version)

- 2 game modes (classic, zenmode)

- multi language class

- many techniques that are fundamental for learning how to make Games (animations, game cycle, timing, collision, high score,...)

- Sound

The libraries that are used:

- Core

- B4XPages


So what are you waiting for? Get this source and start making game with b4x tools.

You will get a ZIP (10MB) file